The Langdle Pikes Bluebells Low Wray camping field
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Unfortunately, we won’t be offering any accommodation this year due to the end of our contract. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you are still looking for a tipi holiday in the Lake District, I supply tipis for the YHA at 4 different sites.

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Thank you so much for all your support over the years. All the best, Lee.

We believe that our personal ethos can encourage other families and individuals to follow a greener path. You will soon realise that life in a tipi is less stressful and less wasteful. Also simply by holidaying in the UK the British customer is reducing their impact on the wider community.

Our sustainable system include

We only use ecological cleaning products at both sites and encourage guests to bring eco products to lessen toxic impact on environment.
It is our policy to buy locally as much as possible to minimise travel miles, so we use local firms when economically viable.
We attempt not to buy from certain companies/regimes that have a poor human rights record.
We try to source fair trade/recycled/organic/environmentally friendly products wherever possible.
Car free zone.
We encourage our guests to explore the countryside around them and always follow the countryside code and to be aware of conservation policies.
We offer ideas on car free trips/excursions.

Ethical trading policy

We aim to trade both fairly and sustainably as part of our ethos.
A camping holiday has a very low impact on the land and environment.
Our pricing structure give top regards to people with children by keeping our prices affordable for families.

Water saving

Standpipes for water ensure that people are more economical about how much water they use.
Low flushing capacity lavatories.
Automatic turnoffs taps.


We have separate bins for glass, cans and paper and household plastics.
We buy good quality second-hand goods wherever possible.
We buy already recycled products wherever possible.
We use recycled paper/limits printing.
Green waste from the site composted when practical.
Wood waste used as kindling.

For more information on how you can help the environment visit these suggested sites: / /
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